IME Cut-off

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IME Cut-off

An Independent Medical Examination (IME) doctor, like a peer review doctor, is hired by the insurance carrier. And, like the peer review doctor, he earns a substantial fee in exchange for performing the IME for the insurance carrier.

IMEs typically last five to ten minutes, but often they are much shorter. In the majority of cases, the IME doctor determines that the injured party has full a range of motion in the affected body part and is without any disability or need for future treatment. Despite the determination of the IME exam, very often, the injured person still suffers from pain and has physical limitations.

The fact that IME doctors lack impartiality is just beginning to gain attention. Recently, a new blog that is dedicated to exposing the abuses of some IME doctors appeared. We help healthcare providers take a stand against abusive IME doctors.

We know the best strategies that work to defeat IME-based denials. One of our favorites is to emphasize the hypocrisy in the IME doctor’s report. In the majority of cases the IME report will cite many positive findings. And despite there being positive findings the IME doctor will conclude that the injured person is fine and that treatment should be discontinued. How can the injured person be fine if there are positive findings?

However, even with scant positive findings, The Sigalov Firm PLLC has strategies that win. Get started to learn some of the proven strategies that help our clients collect the maximum, in record time.