Case Awards

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and we are proud of the successes we've had.

Master arbitrator sides with The Sigalov Firm and supports lower arbitrator’s right to follow Westchester over Unitrin.

Aggressive cross-examination of the adversary’s peer-review doctor wins the case.

The Sigalov Firm researched the peer reviewer and found prior disciplinary action based on testimony that did not meet professional standards.

A verification request was unanswered but the Sigalov Firm won on a technicality.

A denial based on IME reports, some of which have not been provided, is judged to be defective.

This case represents a common situation: carrier denies claim based on an IME despite numerous positive findings.

The Sigalov Firm successfully showed that the IME notice was sent to the wrong address and won the case.

Master arbitrator sides with The Sigalov Firm–Unitrin does not apply to late denials.